Efficient ICT, a cost-effective idea

CE Delft is collaborating with Stimular and COS Nederland on the project ‘Efficient ICT, a cost-effective idea’, which aims to encourage those involved professionally in the procurement and administration of ICT equipment to take action to reduce the energy consumption of that equipment. As part of this project CE has prepared a report providing a theoretical basis for use in designing a working information campaign.

In the average office ICT equipment is responsible for some 10% of primary energy consumption. In trade and industry as a whole, the total primary energy consumption of office equipment is an estimated 8.5 PJ, equivalent to that of about 95,000 average households. There are a range of simple measures available with which to achieve significant savings. Examples include use of power management features on PCs and monitors, switching off copy machines at the end of the working day, and due attention to the energy efficiency of ICT equipment at the procurement stage.


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