Energy in licensing and enforcement procedures
Implementation of an Equivalent Alternative by local authorities

In 2009 CE Delft teamed up with the VROM Inspectorate, part of the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, to examine how local authorities can best address the issue of energy conservation in implementing the Environmental Control Act. The study focuses on industries falling under the terms of a voluntary agreement on energy conservation but not active participants therein, and seeks to answer the question whether the demands made on these industries are at least equivalent to those set for industries that are actively involved. 
To this end the relevant dossiers were examined at 30 local authorities, covering a total of 121 companies. The study shows that most of these authorities devote little attention to the issue. Based on the results a series of recommendations were drawn up, thus to provide both national and local government a handle with which to more effectively implement energy conservation via the Environmental Control Act.