Energy-neutral in 2050

Delft municipal authority aims to be energy-neutral by 2050. This aspiration comes on top of several other targets, including 50% CO2 emissions reduction by 2030 relative to a 1990 baseline. While municipal energy neutrality means energy demand is met entirely by renewables, this does not mean all that energy is necessarily generated within municipal boundaries. As long as the power is generated from renewable sources (offshore wind turbines, for example) it still satisfies the definition.

To achieve energy neutrality requires a two-pronged approach: energy conservation and renewables. Delft municipality wants to get to grips with the magnitude of these aspirations and how they relate to the emission reduction target relative to 1990. To this end, in this study CE Delft answers the following questions:

  1. What does the 2050 energy neutrality target entail?
  2. How can the 50% CO2-reduction target relative to 1990 be translated into interim targets en route to energy neutrality in 2050?
  3. What is the impact of specific interim targets and the measures from the new municipal implementation programme?


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