Energy saving potential in the ICT sector

At the request of the provincial Environmental Federations of Drenthe, Groningen and Friesland, CE has carried out an exploratory study on energy consumption in the ICT sector and, more importantly, on ways to reduce it. Several showcase ICT energy saving projects were also tracked down, as a means of aiding the effectiveness of communication and education efforts in this area.

Given the high energy consumption of data hotels and telecom switches, companies like this have a strong motive for cutting back their energy consumption. ICT consultancies might also have a part to play in transferring information on energy-saving to other companies’ offices. Such advice can lead to substantial cost savings (as at Server Based Computing, though actual savings depend on the chosen configuration), introduction of power management schemes, or replacement of (written-off) ICT equipment by more efficient units. Those interviewed stated that when it comes to such consultancy and purchase of efficient equipment there is a need for a European energy label for ICT and office equipment, as is already the case for many domestic appliances.


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