EU-Level Technical Guidance On Adapting Buildings To Climate Change

CE Delft and Ramboll have prepared EU technical guidelines on adapting buildings to climate change, which was commissioned by the European Commission. The ‘EU-Level technical guidance on adapting buildings to Climate Change’ consists of two parts: ‘technical guidance’ and ‘best practice guidance’.

CE Delft’s contribution, in collaboration with Ramboll, has been to create an overview of climate adaptation measures for buildings in Europe. We have used insights from literature and practical examples from Europe and elsewhere in the world. The result is a ‘best practice guidance’ that includes:

  • Specific applications, relevant to existing and new buildings in the different climate zones of Europe;
  • Adaptive solutions to reduce climate risks, such as flooding, heavy rainfall and heat, which have the most impact on the built environment;
  • Actions that users, policy makers, engineers, architects and insurers, among others, can take to increase the quality of buildings.

More information on both publications can be found at EU-LEVEL TECHNICAL GUIDANCE ON ADAPTING BUILDINGS TO CLIMATE CHANGE — English (