Evaluation study on Speed Limitation Devices

This study covered both an ex-post and an ex-ante evaluation of the EU Directive on speed limiters. It provides a state of the art overview of the observed and expected impacts of the installation of speed limitation devices in the EU. In the ex-post evaluation, the impacts of the current Directive 92/6/EEC, as adapted by Directive 2002/85/EC, requiring all heavy commercial vehicles (HCVs) to be equipped with speed limiters, were evaluated. Impacts on traffic safety and emissions were assessed in a quantitative way, while impacts on traffic noise and the transport market were evaluated in a qualitative way. In the ex-ante evaluation the same types of impacts were assessed for various scenarios for revising the current Directive. These scenarios include changing the maximum speed applied for HCVs, extending the scope of the Directive to Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs, including Light Goods Vehicles and small buses) and/or introducing requirements for the installation of various types of intelligent speed adaptation (ISA). The study was commissioned by the European Commission and carried out by CE Delft, Transport and Mobility Leuven, TRT and TNO.