Exploratory study of national projections for logistic charging locations in business parks

In the run-up to the introduction of zero-emission zones for trucks and vans starting in 2025, the transition to electric logistics transport is starting to gain momentum. This transition brings challenges and raises questions such as:

  • Where and when will charging take place?
  • Using what fuel?
  • Is the current network capacity sufficient?

Many projection models have already been developed for passenger transport that identify charging requirements. However, these models are not currently available for logistics and specifically for business parks. The NAL logistics working group, via Topsector Logistiek, has requested the development of a method for drawing up a national projection model for logistic charging locations in business parks, which should provide answers to the above questions.

Such a projection model would enable network operators and other stakeholders, such as municipalities and logistics companies, to take timely capacity measures. This exploratory study was carried out for six business parks, in anticipation of the development of the national projection model. The results of this study were shared with Elaad, for the Outlook Bedrijventerreinen in beweging [Business Parks Outlook].