Factsheets on road transport energy carriers

These factsheets report actual road-vehicle emissions of CO2, particulates (PM10) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) as a function of energy carrier, based as far as possible on emission measurements by TNO under realistic practical conditions. As such, they differ from the formal type approval data provided by manufacturers, as emissions under practical conditions are often higher. 

Besides emissions, the factsheets also provide information on the availability of the various vehicles in the Netherlands, their radius of action and charging or filling times. Later this year affordability data will be added, in the form of an estimate of the total costs of vehicle ownership for the end-user.

CE Delft contributed the data on energy carriers, based on the current Dutch energy mix.

The factsheets were prepared by TNO and CE Delft at the request of the Dutch ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. They are available at Pianoo, the national tendering expertise centre.



Maarten Verbeek (TNO)