Green hydrogen and employment

This study is an initial exploration of job preservation and creation through large-scale roll-out of green hydrogen in the Netherlands. Demand and production of this fuel are projected to grow substantially over the coming decades, both globally and domestically. Global and national scenarios are still characterized by relatively wide ranges when it comes to how much growth, however, with the precise amount depending on a range of factors including the efforts made to secure the international targets agreed to at the Paris climate summit.

Green hydrogen production using electrolysis can make a substantial contribution to job preservation and creation in the Netherlands if hydrogen starts being used on a large scale. To give a rough idea: employment in the Dutch chemical industry presently stands at 41,000 fte, in natural gas extraction 4,700 fte and in the energy supply industry 25,000 fte.

Information on visions and current activities relating to hydrogen from four Dutch regions indicate that these kinds of ballpark figures are not just a theoretical option, but that work is already seriously underway to ensure they materialize. If these efforts are to be successful, though, the government will need to roll out appropriate policies to ensure, among other things, that the required infrastructure investments are indeed made and in timely fashion.



Wouter Vanhoudt
Thomas Winkel
Henri Bittel