Identification and analysis of promising carbon capture and utilisation technologies, including their regulatory aspects

This study, commissioned by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Climate Action, was conducted by a team of experts from Ramboll, the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Universität Kassel Center for Environmental Systems Research, IOM Law and CE Delft. Its aim is to develop a better understanding of novel CCU technologies, with three main sub-objectives:

  1. to assess readiness and map roll-out of CCU technologies, to clarify which categories are viable for support, including from the planned Innovation Fund under the EU ETS
  2. to examine the EU regulatory framework vis-à-vis the technologies concerned and assess whether specific provisions are necessary to reflect the contribution of these innovative technologies to climate mitigation while preserving the environmental integrity of relevant legislation
  3. to engage with stakeholders for better understanding of the technologies and the regulatory framework.

To achieve these objectives, the study team conducted a review of the literature on CCU, a web search on the status of existing technologies, a review of relevant legislation, and stakeholder consultations in the form of a survey, interviews, two stakeholder workshops and an open event. The study draws on existing knowledge and research and represents a state-of-the-art review of the current technological and policy status of CCU in Europe.




Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies

Universität Kassel Center for Environmental Systems Research