Impact assessment of sustainable mobility options in Noord-Holland and Flevoland Provinces – Fase 2

This study looked at the effect on CO2 emissions of proposed policies of municipalities in the Regional Mobility Platform (RMP) of North Holland and Flevoland. For the study, data was collected from the municipalities in the region on the expected use of 29 mobility measures. Based on this target level, a calculation was made of the effect on CO2 emissions. This takes into account the effectiveness of measures in different types of areas (metropolitan, urban and rural).

Given the municipalities’ proposed commitment to the 29 measures, the target of 4.2 Mton maximum emissions by the mobility sector in 2030 will be met. This is subject to the condition that the target can only be met if the Climate Agreement is fully implemented at the national level and if these measures have the intended effects. A second condition is that the municipalities live up to their targets in terms of the various measures. More ambitious targets of 49% and 55% will not be met based on the ambitions of the municipalities.

This study not only examined the effect of measures on CO2 emissions, but also examined the effect on particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions in the region. The package of measures has a greater effect on NO2 concentrations than on particulate matter concentrations. Additionally, the study contains a methodology and examples that can be used to detail the monitoring and evaluation process.