Impacts of Mobility Mixx products for ‘The Netherlands plc’

For Mobility Mixx CE Delft calculated the likely impacts of applying the Mobility Mixx products,  Mobility Card* and Mobility Pool**, across the whole of Dutch industry as well as government apparatus. The conclusions of this analysis are as follows:

Implementation of Mobility Mixx products across Dutch industry and government agencies would lead to an estimated 4.2-9.6 billion less car-kilometres being driven, 0.6-1.4 Mt less CO2 being emitted and the total cost of mobility for employers declining by 0.6-1.4 billion Euro. In addition, annual productivity is projected to rise by around 15 billion hours and the number of employees parked daily to decline by around 300 thousand.

These data provide an rough indication of the available potential, based on average patterns of commuting and business travel and the impacts observed in previous pilot studies on mobility policies.

* Mobility Card offers an easy way for employees (including lease drivers) to plan and pay their business journeys.
** Mobility Pool offers a pool car at the company site that can be  booked by employees for their business journeys. The presence of the car at work allows employees to use public transport or the bike for commuting.


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