In-depth dialogue

The aim of the CRUST programme is to prepare and implement a pilot project for buffering and storage of waste carbon dioxide. A variety of stake-holders are involved and it is the task of the Expert Advisory Group to pass on to those steering and implementing the programme the many ideas, insights, considerations and questions concerning underground CO2 storage coming in from these stakeholders.

Although there are differences of opinion on detail, on broader issues there is a fair degree of consensus among the members of the Advisory Group. It should be stressed, though, that presentation of the conclusions in this final report does not necessarily imply their endorsement by the entire Group. Most members see underground CO2 storage as one element of a ‘clean fossil’ scenario providing transitional policy leverage and consider that policy-makers should direct similar, if not greater, efforts towards other options like energy conservation and use of renewables. The Group presently has concerns in this area. It is held, moreover, that the government should adopt a clearer stand on how it perceives CO2 storage within the broader context of overall energy and environmental policy. If these boundary conditions are satisfied, there appears to be sufficient support for actual experimental CO2 storage under the terms of the CRUST programme. However, support for trials does not in itself entail support for increased policy emphasis on ‘clean fossil’. Only after trials have got underway and results evaluated will stake-holder organisations be able to adopt a more definitive stand vis-à-vis that policy option. Finally, the Group has been very happy with the open style of communications in the CRUST programme.


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