Industry hook-up for the Rotterdam heat grid

The Rotterdam Heat Company is constructing a pipeline to transport heat from the AVR waste incineration plant at Rozenburg to the City of Rotterdam. The line will run adjacent to a number of industries in the Pernis and Botlek port region.

Hooking up to the pipeline may be in companies’ financial interests, because waste heat will be given an economic value. It can also contribute to substantial cuts in energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Against this background the Rotterdam Heat Company and NL Agency commissioned CE Delft to examine the scope for companies located along the pipeline to connect to the system. The choice of companies was based on a preliminary selection by the Heat Company and CE Delft. The heat line and the eight companies selected  are shown on the map. 

As transpired on visits, the companies concerned had already set out the concrete options for heat supply or heat acquisition. In four cases there is scope for heat supply, in six cases for heat acquisition. The aggregate potential for heat supply is several dozen MW, with around 12 MW of heat demand. To establish whether connection to the planned grid is economically feasible will require further consultations among the parties concerned.

The main results have been worked up into an anonomyzed report so the data cannot be traced to individual companies.