Methodology for ex-ante GHG assessment of logistics investment projects

EBRD commissioned CE Delft and Fraunhofer to develop a methodology and calculation tool for ex-ante assessment of investment projects in the logistics sector that are consistent with the leading MRV methodologies, as summarised by GLEC. The EBRD, along with other Multilateral Development Banks, follows the ‘Common Principles for Climate Mitigation Finance Tracking’ when reporting climate finance. Some of the activities eligible under the Principles are straightforward and GHG assessment is needed only to quantify the magnitude of the impact (e.g. renewable energy generation capacity). Other activities may sometimes lead to a GHG emissions increase in absolute terms, which means their GHG impact needs to be assessed ex ante to confirm eligibility. Among such activities are freight transport infrastructure projects. CE Delft and Fraunhofer developed a methodology for ex ante assessment of the impact of individual infrastructure projects financed by the bank, comparing a business-as-usual and a project scenario.

The methodology takes account of the following (as relevant):

  • GHG emission of traffic diversion
  • GHG emission of traffic inducement
  • GHG emission of infrastructure construction

The methodology and tool presentation are publicly available, the Excel tool and its manual are available upon request.



Fraunhofer IML
Kerstin Dobers

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