Outlook Hinterland and Continental Freight 2020

To achieve the aim of climate neutrality in the Netherlands by 2050 will require robust action on hinterland and continental transport, which in this country is a key economic sector and a crucial element of the Netherlands’ logistical function. Two years ago CE Delft, partnering with TNO and Connekt and commissioned by Top Sector Logistics, presented a first Outlook report, in which it was calculated that hinterland and continental transport makes up around 60% of all the country’s road, rail and inland shipping transport. In this new ‘Outlook HCF 2020’ the horizon to 2030 is explored in more detail. For these transport flows, the decarbonisation challenge is daunting, given that zero-emission drive technologies for heavy transport are still under development. The report recommends working towards international “zero-emission corridors” and goes into the technical and logistical options for developing such corridors.



Paul van de Lande (TNO)
Maarten Verbeek (TNO)
Herman Wagter (Connekt)