Perspectives on a mobility market

The national Traffic and Water Management Council (Raad voor Verkeer en Waterstaat) asked CE to help draw up recommendations to the government on more benign transport systems and improved accessibility, as later published in the report ‘Bewust mobiel, beter bereikbaar’. CE’s mission was to work through the options for establishing a ‘mobility market’, focusing on three issues:

  1. What is the situation today: what is the size and direction of current monetary flows between actors in the traffic and transport sector?
  2. Possible futures: what options are available for creating a transparent system of charges and investments?
  3. Discussion of key issues, including: pros and cons of improved market functioning, potential obstacles to be overcome, and means of doing so.
    The three core chapters of this report examine these questions in some depth, making it a good introduction to the ‘transport and mobility market’ and its functioning.


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