Portaal assessment framework

At the request of the housing corporation Portaal, CE Delft and Merosch have developed an assessment framework to support Portaal in operationalizing know-how on the energy transition at the level of housing estates and individual buildings.

Portaal has stated its intention to make its entire housing stock CO2-neutral by 2050 and wants to develop a strategy with which it can assess whether particular types of energy supply proposed by a municipality under the ‘heat transition vision’ are also a wise choice for Portaal and those renting its properties. To this end Portaal needs to evaluate heat options for specific situations not only in terms of its real estate strategy but also from a broader perspective. In addition, Portaal also wants to modify its real estate strategy in such a way that it contributes to its 2050 sustainability objective. 

In a collaborative project, CE Delft and Merosch have developed an assessment framework for Portaal, for use at the level of estates and buildings. This framework also includes practical handles for building-level strategy and substantive explanations for assessment based on the ‘heat transition vision’. A computer model was also created with which Portaal can perform initial comparison of the various routes and measures of relevance in different types of dwelling. This model will support Portaal in redesigning its real estate strategy and give them an idea of differences in investment outlay, energy costs, maintenance and management costs and CO2 emissions. The model is not available to the general public.



Robbert van Rijswijk (Merosch) 

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