Potential for energy-saving and renewable energy in Utrecht

Utrecht has stated its intention to achieve CO2-neutrality of the local energy supply by 2030. Having conducted its own exploratory study into the steps that would need to be taken to achieve this aim, City Hall asked CE Delft to pass judgment on the target and how it is hoped to be achieved.

While characterized by both CE Delft and interviewed scientists as very substantial, Utrecht’s ambitions are also regarded as a worthy aim to pursue. City Hall’s estimates of the reduction potential of the envisaged measures – 28% of total projected emission cuts in 2030 via energy efficiency measures and 35% via renewable energy – are deemed realistic by CE Delft.

Although the potential reduction via all options was estimated on the basis of the maximum feasible, there still remains a substantial policy gap. The analysis makes clear that robust policy choices are required in order to come close to achieving the stated ambitions.