Power suppliers: the facts

In February, 2014,  the Dutch Consumers Association, Greenpeace, HIVOS, the Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment, the Dutch Home Owners’ Association, WWF and the World Information Service on Energy (WISE) presented a ranking of 23 power suppliers operating in the Dutch market according to the sustainability of their products. The background data for this report were provided by CE Delft in the form of factsheets providing raw data on each of the providers. 
These factsheets were updated in the latter part of 2014 and used by the first four of these organisations for a new ranking, which was published on 8 December, 2014.  
N.B. The assessment criteria used for the ‘sustainability ranking’ were explicitly not part of the CE Delft study. CE Delft has no knowledge of these criteria, nor has it advised on them, thus guaranteeing its independence and objectivity.
Factsheets providing background data on each provider were again prepared, distinguishing three categories: 
  1. own production capacity, internationally active
  2. own production capacity, domestically active 
  3. no own production capacity.
For suppliers with own production capacity, the factsheet covers the following issues:
  • company profile
  • operational capacity and electricity output in Europe or the Netherlands
  • use of biomass 
  • electricity purchased
  • electricity supplied in the Netherlands
  • investment and disinvestment since 2010.
For suppliers with no own production capacity, the following issues:
  • company profile
  • electricity purchased in the Netherlands
  • electricity supplied in the Netherlands.