Product Expansion for the Superwijzer

This report is to be treated as an addendum to ‘Life Cycle Impacts of Protein-rich Foods for Superwijzer’, a report detailing the life cycle assessments of the first 98 products studied. As such, this report only includes a very brief section on system definition and methodology. Instead, the focus will be on presenting the results of the new 13 product variations as well as a discussion of these results.

In addition, this study will assess how readily the new products can be extrapolated in order determine the environmental impacts of similar products. This report concerns: butter (82% milk fat), coffee creamer (8.5% milk fat), cooking cream (20% milk fat), quark (fresh cheese), vla (Dutch pudding), goat cheese, soft sugar and sweeteners, beet sugar, conventional beet sugar, organic cane sugar, conventional cane sugar, organic glucose-fructose fruit and concentrates, fruit (average) and fruit concentrates (average).


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