Prototype of the integrated journey planner PRIMAVERDER

There are currently a range of journey planners available, for both public and private transportation. An integrated journey planner with which consumers can make a swift and efficient comparison among transport alternatives in terms of journey time, cost and environmental impact is not yet available, though. In the MOVE project CE has therefore collaborated with the Dutch organisations Reisinformatiegroep and Milieu Centraal on development of a prototype intermodal journey planner for both private and public transport known as PRIMAVERDER.

This prototype provides travel advice for both means of transport, by adding the following components to the current Reisinformatiegroep journey planner for travel by car and public transport:

  • the environmental impact of the various alternatives;
  • motoring expenses (fixed and variable vehicle costs);
  • reliable real-world travel times, particularly for car travel (including anticipated influence of congestion and parking).

The environmental calculator, developed partly by CE, can be consulted sepa-rately on the Milieu Centraal website.


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