Quickscan of environmental impacts of sectoral sustainability plans

This ‘quickscan’ provides a quantitative review of the environmental impacts of the maximum feasible targets in the sectoral sustainability plans drawn up under the 2018 Framework Agreement on Packaging. The main focus is on climate impact, which stands as a model for the estimated overall environmental footprint. The analysis was carried out using the CO2-eq. indices from the Ecoinvent database, the available literature and earlier modelling exercises by CE Delft. In consultation with relevant sectoral players these data were then coupled to the maximum feasible targets, including estimated quantities and types of packaging materials. This analysis can be seen as augmenting an earlier (2014/2015) analysis carried out by TNO and CE Delft (Milieuanalyse van de doelen van de Raamovereenkomst Verpakkingen, in Dutch). At that time the sectoral sustainability plans had not yet been finalized and could not therefore be included. In this quickscan the projected environmental impact of the efforts of the cited trade associations is an estimated 39 to 53 kt/a. The analysis was performed in collaboration and dialogue with the 12 sectors involved.