Roadmap towards a climate neutral industry in the Delta region

The year 2050 is only 30 years away and presents us with an enormous challenge. This is the operational lifetime of much industrial plant, implying that in this coming period every investment must be measured against the yardstick of working towards emission-free production in the decades ahead without creating stranded assets. The SDR companies in the Dutch province of Zeeland are showing leadership and taking up this challenge. With this Roadmap they have an actionable plan that builds on the required infrastructure and boundary conditions for industry. The SDR region is an excellent place to start now with large-scale industrial pilots and develop the required infrastructure for the energy transition. Industry in the Delta region is competitive, energy-intensive and diverse (steel, chemicals, food, fertiliser), there are ample spatial opportunities, the industries are leaders in their sector as well as innovative, and industry is a key contributor to regional employment. In the near future substantial wind power capacity from nearby wind farms will come on line, providing scope for electrifying industrial processes and producing hydrogen from renewable energy.