Status report on CO2 and transport mobility

This report was prepared by CE Delft to support the work of a commission made up of members of three national advisory councils: the Council for Transport, Public Works and Water Management, the Council for Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environ-ment and the Energy Council. On 29 January 2008 this commission presented the councils’ joint advice on long-term climate policy for the Dutch transport sector.

Part I of this report provides a detailed review of the share of transport mobility and individual modes of transport in Dutch and European CO2 emissions. Historical trends and future projections of the size of the transport sector and the scale of transport CO2 emissions are set out, including the contribution of aviation and maritime shipping.

Part II reviews technical and non-technical measures for reducing the CO2 emissions of passenger cars, light and heavy goods vehicles, buses, trains, aircraft and shipping vessels. The options are described in terms of reduction principle, reduction potential, costs, benefits and drawbacks, and synergy with other policy aspects (such as air pol-lution, congestion and safety). There is also discussion of the various specific and ge-neric policy instruments available for creating incentives for implementing these op-tions.


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