STREAM passenger transport 2014 Version 1.1

See the update STREAM Passenger Transport 2022 and the new webtool

(Version 1.1. (March 2015) contains a number of corrections relative to the 1st version (April 2014). See Corrigenda on p. 5.)

While awareness continues to grow that the adverse impacts of passenger-vehicle greenhouse-gas and air-pollutant emissions need to be addressed, the emission indices employed by institutions and industry often differ. STREAM passenger transport provides a widely underwritten and scientifically robust list of emission indices and specifies the main greenhouse-gas and air-polluting emissions per passenger-kilometre.

In the present report, ‘STREAM passenger transport, 2014’ considerable efforts have been devoted to user-friendly presentation of the emissions data. The study provides a compact review of the average emissions per transport mode and allows users to adapt the emission factors to specific conditions, such as occupancy rates, Euro Class and vehicle weight. There is also detailed coverage of electric drives, alternative fuels and other innovative technologies.

Besides greenhouse gases, this update of the 2008 STREAM study also encompasses emissions of nitrogen oxides, particulates and other air pollutants. The study was commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, Dutch Rail, KpVV, the Stimular Foundation, the Foundation for Climate-Friendly Procurement and Business (SKAO) and Milieu Centraal.


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