Sustainable biomass and bioenergy in the Netherlands

This study provides an overview of the biomass flows in the Dutch biobased economy over the year 2015. In 2014, the report adapts the ‘Protocol For Monitoring Of Material Streams In The Biobased Economy (BBE)’ to account for the size of biobased economy (limited to three major biomass groups) in the Netherlands (Kwant et al. 2015, Meesters et al. 2014). This year more attention is paid to differentiation between streams in the bio-economy and the biobased economy, the conversion of biomass in the Dutch chemical industry and comparison of the flows identified in this study with the goals set in the vision: Biomass 2030, currently part of the Nation-wide programme Circular Economy.

This study was carried out in the framework of the Netherlands Programmes Sustainable Biomass, commissioned by ir. Kees W. Kwant. Drs. Astrid M.R. Hamer and ir. Wouter Siemers of