The aviation and maritime sectors and the EU ETS System: challenges and impacts

The forthcoming revision of the EU ETS is likely to include maritime shipping and to strengthen the existing scope and rules for aviation – also considering its interplay with the Carbon offsetting and reduction scheme for international aviation (CORSIA).

This overview briefing prepared by CE Delft and DLR provides initial background information on the two sectors, the EU ETS and its revision process, and other relevant international greenhouse gas regulations, as well as some preliminary considerations on possible integration of the two sectors in the EU ETS. This will help Members of the European Parliament systematically assess the upcoming Commission proposal for a revised EU ETS.

In October 2021 the Final Study is published.

This overview briefing is part of an ongoing larger research project aimed at analysing the socio-economic effects and other aspects of the potential inclusion of aviation and maritime shipping in the EU ETS.

The briefing and study were requested by the European Parliament’s Committee on Transport and Tourism.