The other side of the coin

In this study, commissioned by the Dutch Association for Nature and the Environment (Stichting Natuur and Milieu), CE reviews a wide range of developments in the realm of freight transport that impinge on various aspects of sustainability. Key results include the following:

  • The Dutch economy is one of the most transport-intensive in Europe.
  • Although trucks account for only 2% of registered road vehicles, freight transport is responsible for about 26% of the total external costs of traffic.
  • Transport volume is growing by about 3% a year on average and forecasts do not indicate any let-up of that trend. Ownership and use of vans, frequently used for freight carriage today, are growing even harder.
  • Dutch freight transport CO2 emissions increased by 37% between 1990 and 2000, owing mainly to growth of road freight. Between 2000 and 2010 these emissions will probably continue to rise by a further 50% or so.
  • Emissions of NOx and PM10 are decreasing, the result of progressive tightening of road vehicle emission standards.
  • Freight transport is a major cause of air pollution and noise nuisance along roads and a major contributor to health damage.


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