The ‘planet’ side of sustainable mobility

Under the Transumo umbrella (TRANsition to SUstainable Mobility, various consortiums of knowledge centres, industries and government agencies are implementing projects relating to the transition towards sustainable forms of transport mobility. Among the vast potential array of strategies available to this end, Transumo is concerned specifically with, first, measures to improve transport system efficiency, second, far-reaching changes (transitions) in the physical and organisational structure of the transport system and, third, measures that can help control and manage spiral-ling demand for transport. Sustainability is held to have three key aspects: people, planet and profit/prosperity. The Transumo organisation has noted that in a number of cases the contribution of the solutions developed in its projects to sustainability targets vis-�-vis �the planet�, i.e. the environment and living nature, is insufficiently clear. To improve this situation, at the request of Transumo CE Delft has elaborated a vision of the �planet� side of sustainable mobility in more concrete detail and developed, in collaboration with the Transumo offices, a bottom-up vision that challenges Transumo projects to make their contribution to securing �planet� objectives more transparent and, where necessary, to improve it. The main elements of this vision vis-�-vis �the planet� are explicit mention of different dimensions and aspects, a listing of specific targets for these, and quantification of the contribution to be made by solutions in the Transumo domain to achieving these sustainability targets (i.e. supplementing measures in other domains, such as clean and fuel-efficient cars).


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