Walking through your neighbourhood on March 7, 2031

In the project “Walking through your neighbourhood on March 7, 2031”, the Dutch environmental consultancy CE together with the City Council of Rotterdam North tested a new, innovative method to make environmental policies more attractive to citizens.

The project consisted of three meetings with citizens from Rotterdam Bergpolder-Zuid, a neighbourhood with a mixed population in which in the coming years major construction works are planned. Central to these meetings were the ideas of citizens of their ideal local environment in the future. CE supported the meetings with an innovative way to present local scenarios for the future: these were presented in the form of ficticious fotowalks through the neighbourhood on a random day in the future: March 7, 2031.

The method was very positively received by participants. Results of the project were some concrete indicators for local sustainability in the neighbourhood. The City Council will use the ideas of citizens for future action. Participants to the project and other citizens will be involved in these activities.

More information about this project can be obtained from the projectmanager Stephan Slingerland, +31 15 2150150,


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