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Anouk van Grinsven

Anouk van Grinsven
senior researcher/consultant | team leader Renewable Transport Fuels

As a researcher I love complex issues and am always on the lookout for hidden links and synergies.

About Anouk


  • Production and consumption of renewable transport fuels like biofuels and e-fuels.
  • Policy analysis of Renewable Energy Directive (REDII), Fuel Quality Directive (FQD), Mandatory Annual Reporting on Renewable Energy in Transport, etc.
  • Sustainability criteria for biomass and wider use and sustainability of biofeedstocks in a biobased and circular economy.

At CE Delft I coordinate work on Renewable Transport Fuels. From 2011 to 2017 I was with the Mobility & Transport sector, which gave me a solid grounding in mobility policy and the ins and outs of the various transport modes. In 2017 I transferred to the Energy & Fuels sector.

The studies I’m involved in have a common theme: giving insight into the effectiveness of policy measures. What can we learn from the past and from other sectors, so policies can be made increasingly effective? How can we apply our ever-evolving knowledge to ensure policies keep us on track to securing climate targets?

Adopting a supply chain perspective, I examine things from both the supply and demand side, looking for example at trends in vehicle fleets and fuel specifications on the one hand and developments in production capacity, biomass availability and cross-sectoral linkage on the other. My work for government bodies focuses mostly on impact assessments, policy reviews and scenario studies, for market parties more on projections of market potential and comparative carbon footprints. In recent years the emphasis has shifted increasingly to road freight, inland and maritime shipping and aviation, mirroring the growing focus on these heavier modes of transport.

As a researcher I love complex issues and am always on the lookout for hidden links and synergies. In consultancy projects I like the challenge of working on intersectoral crossover and combining different kinds of expertise. I’m a visually oriented, creative thinker who’s always keen to introduce structure into processes, preferably in visual form. As a project manager I always try to think a few steps ahead and make sure the details of the process are unambiguous and everyone’s voice is heard.

I graduated from Wageningen University with an MSc in Environmental Sciences, specialising in environmental policy and management.

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