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Geert Warringa

Geert Warringa
senior researcher/consultant | theme leader Circular Economy
About Geert


  • Economics and the environment
  • Social Cost-Benefit Analysis (SCBA)
  • Environmental policy
  • Valuation of environmental impacts
The main thrust of my work is to help clients make more considered choices in the ever-present field of tension between the economy and the environment. Since they yield environmental gains, environmental policies are generally more expensive than conventional policies. With my background in economics and environmental science, I help identify the financial and social costs and benefits of environmental policies and make recommendations on optimisation. The key questions here are whether lower-cost measures are available, whether more environmental gains can be made at the same cost and how broader social effects like job creation and economic growth can be optimised. Examples of projects on which I have recently worked are SCBAs on increased recycling, wind power, nature development and the biobased economy. Supporting clients in their policies and decisions is a rewarding challenge. Customer satisfaction is a cornerstone of this branch of work.

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April 2022
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October 2021
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June 2021
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