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Geert Warringa

Geert Warringa
senior researcher/consultant | theme leader Circular Economy
About Geert

Expertise: Circular economy, impact assessment and circular policy design, economic analyses

I provide advice to enable clients to take concrete steps towards sustainability. My expertise is mainly in the field of circular economy. The government has very ambitious goals for the circular economy: 50% fewer primary materials by 2030 and a fully circular economy by 2050.

From my background as an economist and environmentalist, I provide insight into which policy instruments are effective in achieving these goals (including spatial preconditions), what environmental gains can be made and what effects this would have on the economy. These include various strategies on the R-ladder, such as refraining from consumption, extending product lifetimes, increasing reuse and second-hand trade, using renewable raw materials and increasing recycling. Examples of concrete policy measures include a mandatory share of recycled materials in products, a tax on materials and deposits on products to promote reuse and prevent litter.

I love the challenge of helping clients with their policies. My goal is to come up with advice and recommendations that have a proven practical effect.

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Impacts of allocation rules on chemical recycling. Consequences on the environment and maximum circularity of plastics.
May 2023
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Improved maintenance of expansion joints. Social impact assessment
October 2022
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Towards a future-proof and more circular waste management system
August 2022
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