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Reinier van der Veen

Reinier van der Veen
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As medior researcher/consultant in CE Delft’s Energy & Fuels sector I work on projects relating to sustainable fuels. This is a broad theme, since sustainable energy carriers derived from wind, solar or biomass can be used for providing heat, electricity, mobility and industrial feedstocks. My expertise is in the field of hydrogen, green gas and other sustainable gases. It’s very satisfying to help parties make progress in the energy transition, by providing insight into the role that sustainable fuels can play in a low-emission energy supply and in the costs and benefits of various transition paths.

With my background as a researcher at Delft Technological University’s faculty of Technology, Policy and Management I’m used to adopting a systematic and multidisciplinary research strategy to analyse interactions between parties, markets, technical systems and legislation. This kind of strategy has proven extremely useful in my work at CE Delft.

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