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Ward van Santen

Ward van Santen
About Ward

In February 2022 I started working as a researcher/consultant at the Economics department of CE Delft. I studied at the University of Groningen, where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in both econometrics and philosophy. I also completed a master’s degree in econometrics, specialising in actuarial studies. My broad educational background allows me to take a critical and analytical approach to environmental and sustainability issues. Before joining CE Delft, I worked as an analytics consultant at Magnus. There I advised clients on the implementation of data solutions in order to gain more insight from their data. The experience I gained at Magnus, both in terms of projects and clients, combined with my keen interest in the environment, will enable me to provide the best possible assistance to CE Delft’s clients.

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ORC Power Plants for Thermal Energy Harvesting. Aspects related to Policy, Finance and the Job Market
February 2024
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