On-the-job-training at CE Delft

CE Delft is a non-subsidized consultancy firm with a staff of over 60. It does not have a trainee scheme and trainee projects are few and far between. Every year, however, a few people are taken on as trainees. Each application is handled on a case-by-base basis.

Information on CE Delfts recent projects and publications can be found on this site. Anyone who considers that CE Delft could help to fulfil their ambitions is welcome to submit an application. Letters are answered within two weeks as a rule.

The Personnel Consultant handles incoming applications. She decides on the basis of the application and curriculum vitae whether the applicant is sufficiently qualified for the work CE Delft does, and if so, to which section the applicant would be best suited. In this case the application is passed on to the appropriate section manager. If he considers the proposition is a practical one he contacts the applicant to arrange an interview.

The motivation and ideas the application sets out in his or her application are paramount here. He or she can of course find inspiration in the literature supplied. General applications with no motivation or topic suggestions cannot be entertained, not even from educational institutions, since traineeships at CE Delft are tailor-made, for both parties.

The traineeship is based on the trainee’s learning objective; trainees are not employed on routine work. We generally try to employ them on innovatory projects for which CE Delft has not been able to find sufficient funding (if any) from clients. The aim as regards the coaching the trainee receives is that the time spent on this should be roughly equivalent to the contribution he or she makes to current CE Delft projects.

In most cases a university degree is required for traineeships in the environmental field, as CE Delft does scarcely any project work at higher vocational (HBO) level. A plan is drawn up for each traineeship, and the length of the traineeship is decided, in consultation with the trainee. The trainee is expected to display a high degree of self-sufficiency.

Direct costs of travel, literature etc. are of course reimbursed, but CE Delft does not pay trainees. It is customary for each trainee to conclude his or her traineeship with a report and a presentation to CE Delft.

Please send applications by ordinary mail.

For more information please contact Anita van der Stap, Personnel Secretary, or mail to