Policy reviews

Our research is carried out by staff with dedicated knowledge of the theme or themes they are working on and in a position to quickly tap into the specialist know-how of universities and make it available to government and industry. Eager to share its knowledge and understanding, CE Delft provides open access to its findings whenever it can. In some cases, though, results are available only to the party commissioning the study. We shed light on the costs, opportunities and impacts of environmental measures, as well as the potential and potential impact of environmental policy as such. Our research answers questions such as: what are the precise environmental impacts and external costs of particular economic activities? And: what technologies and policies are available to reduce those impacts, and what are their precise costs and benefits?

Policy advice

With our specialist knowledge in over a dozen key areas, we are well-placed to provide rapid advice to government, industry and NGOs on how environmental problems can best be tackled and what impact that will have. We are proud of the wide-ranging expertise we can bring to bear on today’s environmental problems, drawing as we do from a wide range of disciplines like economics, environmental science, engineering, the social sciences and the art of consultancy. Although we generally focus on environmental issues of a long-term nature, in the past few years we have also devoted efforts to the issue of local air quality. Our advice answers questions such as: which environmental criteria need tightening, and how can that best be done? And: what forces are at work in the marketplace and elsewhere and how can effective environmental policies best be developed?

Strategic consultancy

CE Delft wants its work to lead to real changes in environmental policy. That requires professionalism, creativity and sometimes the audacity to tackle problems in unorthodox ways. In pursuit of tangible results, dedication and effort are never in short supply. CE Delft is not only skilled across a wide range of environmental topics, but also familiar with the associated policy networks: trade and industry, governmental and non-governmental organisations alike. With its unique approach and helicopter view of the terrain on which it operates, CE Delft is also in a position to breathe new life into discussions that have run aground. Our specialist consultants can provide executive-level advice to industry, government and NGOs on strategic policy issues, combining a thorough understanding of processes of change with specialist know-how on the specific situation of the project principal. Our strategic advice answers questions such as: what can companies and institutions do to steer course for sustainability? How can they be pro-active without compromising their economic interests? And: how can governments improve the transparency and effectiveness of specific environmental policies and thus consolidate public support? 

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