Methodology for sustainable tendering of waste disposal

Basic methodology and detailed methodology. Version 1.1

This study is concerned with a methodology for ensuring optimum tenders for household waste disposal in terms of sustainability and circularity. This methodology, developed by CE Delft in partnership with Attero, can be used for the biowaste, residual and plastic/cans/metals/cartons components of household waste and considers the performance of alternative ‘greening’ strategies. The methodology can help local authorities and tendering agencies to encourage waste-disposal tenders that are as green as possible and can be seen as a first step en route to a CSR criteria document.

In December 2016 numerous Dutch municipal authorities signed up to the ‘Socially Responsible Acquisition Manifesto’, setting out ambitions beyond mere adherence to minimum requirements for sustainable acquisition. Some of these authorities are also active in ‘circular acquisition’ and have signed the Green Deal on this issue. For many product groups like catering, electricity and transport there are already official criteria documents in the context of CSR, administered by the ministry of Home Affairs. For waste disposal put out for tender by, or on behalf of, local authorities there is no such document.

Despite all these national and regional initiatives and ambitions, sustainability issues are not taken on board by all municipal authorities in organizing household waste disposal, while those that do, see such tendering activities as a complex issue, tackling them in a wide variety of ways. At the same time, waste disposal policies embody several key sustainability issues like climate, energy and raw materials (circular economy).

Against this background CE Delft has developed a practical methodology for sustainable tendering of waste for the following household waste streams:

  • residual waste
  • vegetable, fruit and garden waste (bio-waste)
  • plastic/cans/metals/carton waste.

In Version 1.1 the basic methodology of Version 1.0 has been slightly modified, with a new index being introduced for electricity production (gas engine) or cogeneration using biowaste.


Geert Bergsma

Methodology for sustainable tendering of waste disposal. Version 1.1 (Only available in Dutch)

Authors CE

Geert Bergsma
Sanne Nusselder

Delft, February 2019