Quality control and assessment

At CE Delft the quality of our research and consultancy is something we value very highly. It is essential our clients are satisfied, but at the same time we’re keen to be told when things aren’t up to standard, so we can do something about it and perform better in future. This is why we review the quality of our work and the level of customer satisfaction on a dedicated assessment form, looking at whether terms and arrangements have been fully adhered to, for example, and at areas with potential scope for improvement. What our quality control and assessment procedures show is that clients hold our research and consultancy in high esteem and come back to us to tap into our expertise based on previous satisfaction with the products we deliver.

Responses from some of our clients:
  • "CE Delft: always keen to engage, enthusiastic, motivated and specialists in their field." 
  • "Professional, expert at what they do, short communication lines, a pleasure to work with."
  • "Collaboration was smooth and enjoyable. The consultants’ flexibility of mind was particularly appreciated."
Project implementation is also punctuated by quality control. All our reports and other research and consultancy products are assessed on issues of substance by the coordinators of the sectors involved (Energy, Economics, Transport, Supply Chain Analysis), while language and styling are overseen by the secretariat and PR manager.