Sustainable city - Sustainable mobility

The issue of sustainable mobility in the urban environment is shooting up the agenda, with a growing number of towns and cities looking for ways to combine reliable access with sustainability. Sustainable urban mobility is about more than reducing carbon footprints, though. It’s also about air quality, noise, safety and accessibility. And about how we shape our urban spaces, about how transport mobility feeds into the urban economy and our sense of place.

CE Delft can provide support on strategic reconnaissance, Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs), benchmarks, system comparisons and the use of ‘nudging’ to influence behaviour. We have a wealth of experience in analysing the impacts of policy (packages) on sustainable mobility and urban environmental quality. With our Mobility Scan we can calculate the effectiveness of any number of policies for you.

To achieve sustainable mobility requires an integrated approach encompassing numerous mobility-related policy areas: from cycling, public transport, electric cars and multimodal transport to parking policy, urban logistics and event-related traffic, from nudging and workplace policies to low-emission zones. 

What can CE Delft do for you?

Besides extensive know-how on mobility and logistics, CE Delft’s specialists know all about  (transport) economics and technology and have in-depth knowledge on fuels and renewable energy. We’re experts in benchmarking and policy impact assessment. And when it comes to urban mobility CE Delft are experts in using dedicated tools for impact assessment as well as a process-based approach (Mobility Scans).

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