A strategy on climat-neutral fuels

This report contains recommendations on a robust medium-term strategy for climate-neutral fuels for the Dutch Environment Ministry, VROM. We conclude that it is entirely feasible for the government to implement a policy package providing effective incentives for using climate-neutral fuels. If the government takes steps to create a market for these fuels, this will give industry the scope it requires to invest in the most promising climate-neutral options, thus ensuring continued development of the technology or technologies in question. It is then absolutely essential, however, that there is a perception that policies are stable and can be built on, providing long-term assurance to investors and others.
The report first sets out the background and basic premises of the biofuels strategy. Subsequently, the key elements of the government strategy are provided. Finally, a number of policy options are examined with which the government can implement this basic strategy.
This study was commissioned by the GAVE programme of SenterNovem (an agency of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs), and the Ministry of Environment.