Analyse bibliographique des travaux Francais et Européens

For this study CE Delft supported EY France in assessing the total social cost of noise pollution in France, advising them on the indices to be used for financial valuation of the cost of noise. To this end an extensive literature study on such indices was conducted, resulting in a state-of-the-art review of valuation methods and indices for (traffic) noise in Europe.

Using the indices, the social cost of noise in France was estimated at € 57 billion per annum. Much of this figure is attributable to traffic (around € 21 billion), but noise from other sources (workplaces, schools and neighbours) also makes a substantial contribution. This assessment is no more than a first-pass estimate of social costs; because of uncertainties regarding the number of people affected by noise and valuation of the various effects (particularly for noise in workplaces and schools and due to neighbours), the estimate of the total social costs of noise is also considerably uncertain.

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