Analysis of the evaluation of the Sustainable and Green programme

In 2019, CE Delft prepared a report ‘Sustainable Zoetermeer: building blocks for the sustainability programme 2019-2022’ for the Municipality of Zoetermeer. This report formed the basis of the new ‘Sustainable and Green Zoetermeer 2020-2023’ programme. This programme was re-evaluated in the summer of 2022. The Municipality of Zoetermeer commissioned CE Delft to peer-read and, where necessary, supplement the evaluation of the Sustainable aspect of the programme.

In this context, CE Delft assessed the structure, verifiability and information supporting the statements made in the evaluation. CE Delft did not check the figures provided in the evaluation. Nor did CE Delft assess the evaluation of the Green aspect of the programme.

In addition to the substantive comments provided by CE Delft in draft versions, which were taken into account by the Municipality of Zoetermeer in the final version of the evaluation, CE Delft also prepared a memorandum. This memorandum presents a brief analysis of the present evaluation, while also considering the challenges facing the Municipality of Zoetermeer, and provides advice regarding future policy.

The other documents included in the evaluation can be found on this page.