Aquathermy configurations: An assessment framework

Aquathermy is one of the heat sources that can help the Netherlands develop a climate-neutral heat supply. Aquathermy is the recovery of thermal energy (heat and cold) from water –surface water (TES), wastewater (TEW) or drinking water (TED) – and its conversion to useful heat or cold for use in buildings.

This study presents an assessment framework that can be used by local and regional authorities, water boards, project developers, housing corporations and home-owners for technical comparison of aquathermy configurations. This will allow them to form a better picture of aquathermy when deciding on sustainable heat infrastructure and pose the right questions while elaborating a feasibility study or business case.

Calculations are also made on the investments, energy consumption, capacity, energy costs and emissions of 24 different aquathermy configurations in two illustrative types of area.

The project was rounded off with a webinar, which is reported on here (in Dutch, translation options available).