Assessment of main barriers and KPIs for the implementation of ITS services

To support the development of more robust business cases and more effective policy incentives for ITS services, a better understanding of the factors affecting the deployment of these services is required. The Horizon 2020 project NEWBITS (NEW Business models for ITS) aims to contribute to this improved understanding, among other things by assessing the barriers, enablers and key performance indicators (KPIs) for the deployment of ITS services. More specifically, in this deliverable CE Delft and partners provided an overview of the barriers, enablers and KPIs for ITS services and identify the most relevant ones per market segment/service type.

Various research methods are used in the assessment of barriers, enablers and KPIs. First a systematic review of the literature, supplemented with some interviews with key stakeholders, has been carried out in order to provide a complete overview of relevant barriers, enablers and KPIs. Subsequently, the main barriers, enablers and KPIs per market segment were determined based on the results of an on-line stakeholder survey. The results of this survey were supplemented/verified by an assessment of the barriers, enablers and KPIs that were identified for ca. 100 specific ITS services that are actually implemented/piloted in Europe and the US.

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