Backcasting The Hague

The municipality of The Hague commissioned CE Delft and ECN to prepare an update of the ‘The Hague Backcasting Study’, factoring in the newly established CO2 budget and the new climate target laid down in the climate agreement signed up to by parties in the city council.

The study was carried out in two phases. This report contains the results of the second phase, the municipality already having received a report on the first (CE Delft, 2017a). The present report sets out a timetable of measures required to keep up pace with the city’s climate targets. This was done with reference to four target scenarios, based on the various CO2 budgets established by The Hague following the Paris climate accord (with a target to limit global temperature rise to max. 2°C and preferably 1.5°C) and the city’s own climate ambitions (climate-neutral by 2030 or 2040).

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