Clean and green in the Dutch economy

In the Netherlands the clean tech-sector creates around €5 billion added value, almost 1% of Dutch GNP, and provides some 61,000 jobs (full-time equivalents). This is one of the main results of the present study, conducted by CE Delft for the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) for use in the latter’s ‘signal report’ on clean tech and competitiveness scheduled for publication in October 2013. The study shows that while clean tech is a rapidly growing sector of the Dutch economy, we are not yet among the leading players internationally. Over the period 1996-2010 aggregate production value grew by 6% a year on average. Since 2009 the crisis has led to a slump that can be observed globally. If the Netherlands is to become a top player, there needs to be significant improvement in the sector’s innovativeness. This can be achieved through innovation incentives and a consistent market incentive policy. Water treatment technology and waste processing are examples of successful Dutch technologies that can inspire future choices.