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Martijn Blom

Martijn Blom
manager Economy | theme leader Financial Instruments

My ambition is to help create and develop effective and viable economic instruments for environmental policy-makers.

About Martijn

Expertise: Reviews of climate policy, environmental taxes and subsidies | Greening the tax system | Cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analyses

I’m an economist with strong analytical skills.  Since joining CE Delft in 1999 I’ve worked on greening the tax system, the effectiveness of energy subsidies and environmental taxes and cost-benefit analyses .

The pricing of externalities is one of the core tools for securing environmental and climate targets as well as for improving human prosperity in its widest sense – which is why ‘getting the prices right’ serves as my main compass in the projects I’m involved in at CE Delft. Developing a green economy will have to be grounded in this principle. Following this principle, my ambition is to help develop effective and viable economic instruments for environmental policy-makers.

Away from work, I love spending my time in nature, which gives me energy and inspiration. My hobbies are of a piece: in the summer I like mountain-climbing and triathlons and, if I still have time, watersports.

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