Energy Conservation Dossier

The Energy Conservation Dossier is a comprehensive review of energy saving in the Netherlands. It explains what energy conservation is and how it can be encouraged. The dossier has been published by Sdu as one of a series of dossiers put out by the Dutch journal Stromen.

The dossier shows there is still major scope for energy saving as well as plenty of reasons to do so. It also explains how the policies of the Dutch government and the European Commission tie in with and seek to promote the various conservation options. The question of how additional energy savings can be achieved is discussed on a number of occasions. A major portion of the dossier is devoted to concrete conservation measures, particularly in the built environment, on business estates and in the transport sector. A separate section deals with the avenues available to local government. The options are illustrated with reference to several real-world projects.

One energy-saving concept elaborated for one of the first times at greater length in this dossier is ‘resistance costs’. Many conservation measures often meet with resistance, impeding utilisation of the savings potential they embody. The dossier makes a number of suggestions as to how this resistance might be addressed.

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