Environmental pricing of waste. For use in the Envirometer

Environmental prices are indices expressing the value to society of avoiding release of 1 kilogram of a pollutant. These prices are often used by companies when making investment decisions or for benchmarking their environmental footprint. CE Delft’s Environmental Prices Handbook 2017 provides values for the cost to society of the damage due to over 2,500 pollutants.

Although the Handbook provides values at both substance and midpoint level, no environmental prices are yet available for composite categories like waste. The Stimular Foundation, which uses these environmental prices in their Envirometer, therefore commissioned CE to develop an environmental price for the composite category ‘waste’. The Envirometer is an online tool developed by the Stimular Foundation that allows industries and other organizations to readily calculate their environmental footprint. It is used throughout the Netherlands by organizations in every sector: industry, services, care and government.

This publication is only available in Dutch.